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New Photos

Camponotus compressus, Camponotus sericeus and Oecophylla smaragdina from Bangalore, Karnataka, India


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A trip to the Sydney botanical garden with D, started of with a biiig disappointment as the tropical centre was closed. Though I didn’t find many ants, the highlight of the day was sighting the ‘Bird Dropping Spider’, some lovely ferns and plenty of fruit bats.

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Managed to squeeze a trip out to South India, and was back to recognising ants at the first glimpse. In between feeling at home, I found two genera, Platythyrea (P. paralella) and Lepisiota (L. opaca and L. fraunefeldi) and managed to id them in the field, and was delighted, as untill then, I had seen them only under the microscope.
-Pictures to follow soon.

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