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After the mundane last few days, finally the rain stopped, the sun is back, and the backyard is teeming with life and activity once again.

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One Year Old

I just realized that its exactly 1-year for this blog today.

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Macro mania

Got my new Canon MPE 65mm macro lens and its just awesome. The magnification and the detail in the tiny fellows is brutally overwhelming. It has been two days…and I am struggling to shoot at the maximum magnification, trying to get adjusted to the darkness in the lens. I don’t use a tripod and the lens is heavy, heavier than any other lens I have used so far. Sometimes I wish my heart would hold on and stop for a minute while I get that shot right. It has been quite damp here, so I have been squeezing time out to get even a few shots.
Here are the first shots: Rhytidoponera metallica and Myrmecia fulvipes

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