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Ant nest pictures

These are some of the nest pictures I decided to upload before moving them from the system.

Crevices and barks of the tree are nesting sites for the arboreal ant Dilobocondyla bangalorica. Bangalore: India

Terrestrial nests of the Army Ant Leptogenys processionalis. Bangalore: India

Nest clearing activity by some seed harvesting ants, Pheidole sp. Bangalore: India

Acrobat Ants, Crematogaster sp, establish nesting sites in small holes and crevices in tree barks. Sydney: Australia

Nests of the Australian Bull Ant Myrmecia fulvipes are common in urban areas. Sydney: Australia

A small hole like nest entrance of Cerapachys singularis in the Australian deserts. Alice Springs: Australia.

Nests of the world’s most thermophilic ant Melophorus bagoti in the Australian deserts. Alice Springs: Australia.

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Myrmecina in Bangalore!

It is raining rare ants in Bangalore!!

It has been two days since I spotted Dilobocondyla and now here is yet another extremely rare Indian ant, Myrmecina. One individual of this particular species, M. urbanii, was caught during a sweep net collection in IISc campus and nowhere else in Bangalore. The only other report of this species has been from Kerala, in 1994. There are only two species belonging to this genus known from the Indian subcontinent. I am thrilled!!! The distinctly hooked like spines, along with the unusually large gaster left us gaping at this ant in the field. The habitat where we saw this ant was extremely disturbed, and is in principal a park, which is a huge lung space for Bangalore, Cubbon Park. Boy! are we on a roll.

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