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As promised, here is a male of another species of Myrmecia, Myrmecia nigriceps.

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Male of Myrmecia croslandi
The incessant rain over the last week has led to a major confusion among the ants here in Canberra. Most of the nests where I had observed nuptial flights in December are again having their nuptial flights, with alates males and females flying out. In the last week the following are the ants which have been releasing winged forms: Crematogaster sp, Iridomyrmex sp, Myrmecia croslandi, Myrmecia nigriceps, Camponotus sp. Crossed my fingers and hoping to see the alates of Rhytidoponera in the coming week.

Here is the first among the lot, Myrmecia croslandi. Things to note: remarkably reduced mandibles, extremely short scape, raised pronotum and mesonotum.

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