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You had to be here to believe it happpened!

I got home earlier than the usual on Feb 27 and heard the downpour begin around 10 in the night and then saw massive hailstones smashing on the window panes in a rhythmic patterns constantly. it brought back good old memories of my school days wherein we used to wait for hailstones during the monsoon and try catch hold of hailstones before they hit the ground. But I was just coming back from a long game of table tennis, I was too tired to dwell on what was happening and I just crashed at some point. I got up in the morning at 4, very diligently to start the scheduled recordings of crepuscular Bull ants, and lo behold, I got out of my apartment, and it looked like it had snowed. I looked closer and was surprised that it was in fact massive, really massive ice crystals! it was chaos allright, fallen branches on pavements, alarms going off in several buildings, ambulances, fire engines and patrol cars speeding on the road. Any sensible chap would have turned back home by now, but no, I pushed my bike along and reached the Uni, to see that it too was in shambles with alarms going off in various buildings. I met Sam who also like me was stunned to see Canberra in such a state and we went took a bike ride at 5 in the morning to have a look at the state of the city. I may be crucified if I say it was ‘fun’, especially since now I know the storm and the hail has damaged in ANU alone more than 70 buildings and the damage is being approximated in millions. Gosh, what a day!

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