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Along the North-eastern coast of Australia was where I was for the last couple of weeks! Along the Great Barrier reef, where it nearly touches the coast at Cape Tribulation was where I ended up camping for a few days. The days just zoomed past and all I can now remember is the ocean, blue sky, closed canopy forests, getting drenched in torrential downpour, leeches that constantly reminded of it being hot, wet and humid tropics!

Highlights: A close view of the endangered Cassowary, Golden BowerBird, four species of Leptomyrmex, several Polyrhachis species, important being the swimming ants, Polyrhachis sokolova, and finally spotting both morphological and chemical spider mimics of the green ant Oecophylla smaragdina.

The swimming ant Polyrhachis sokolova at Townsville, Queensland.

A stormy afternoon at Cape Tribulation, Queensland.

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