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Ant gallery just got a big update: Eciton mexicanum, from Mexico

Sickle-like mandibles in the major worker of the Mexican Army ant, Eciton mexicanum

Single lens compound eye in the Mexican Army ant, Eciton mexicanum

Major and minor worker of the Mexican Army ant, Eciton mexicanum

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Here is a cool Trap jaw ant, Orectognathus. These are Dacetine ants, known from Australia and Southeast Asia. They typically nest is soil. One of our recent visitors in the lab, Marc Seid, found and collected a colony of these ants with their brood and a queen from Murramarang National Park, NSW. Strangely enough, the workers did not feed on collembolans that I provided them, but only fed on maple syrup. With just this food source, the colony has survived over the last 2 months with no fatalities.

Update: More pictures of Orectognathus here.


Minor worker of Orectognathus species with its larvae, photographed in the lab.

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