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PolBook_CoverA new book on Polarized Light and Polarization Vision in Animal Sciences, edited by Gábor Horváth is out! Jochen Zeil, Willi Ribi, and I were invited to contribute a chapter on Polarization vision in hymenopterans. There were already wonderful and recent reviews by Rüdiger Wehner and Thomas Labhart in 2006. Hence, we briefly reviewed the behaviour, and physiology, and took this as an opportunity to carry out a comparative analysis of anatomical structures required for sensing polarized light. In addition to a detailed analysis of the compound eye, we describe the structure of the ocelli, in ants, bees and wasps and discuss their potential of sensing polarized light. There are several interesting chapters in this book: including an eye-catching review by Stanley Heinze on Polarized-light processing in insect brains.

At a 172$ (AU), the book is a touch expensive, but if you have a chance do check it out.

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