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Check our latest article on the structure of compound eye and ocelli in the Banded Sugar ant, Camponotus consobrinus. Emphasis is on the differences driven by locomotion and task specialisation .



Longitudinal section of alate female (left) and male ants of Camponotus consobrinus

Reference: Narendra A, Ramirez-Esquivel F & Ribi WA. 2016. Compound eye and ocellar structure for walking and flying modes of locomotion in the Australian ant, Camponotus consobrinus. Scientific Reports 6: 22331.

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We have a new story published on tandem running in the Australian ant, Camponotus consobrinus. Here is a short clip I put together explaining its significance.

Schultheiss P, Raderschall CA, Narendra A. Follower ants in a tandem pair are not always naïve. Scientific Reports 5: 10747. [pdf]

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